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Build a Website for Free with Wix? Learn the pros and cons
Build a Website for Free with Wix? Learn the pros and cons

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When a business owner learns the importance and benefits of having a website or an online one, he starts looking for the best way to build or buy it. After a quick search, you will find a few platforms where it is possible to make a website for your business, for free, by doing it yourself (DIY).

Here we will talk about one of the most popular DIY platforms: Wix.


Start For Free

You can build a website for free (although with some limitations).

Learning Curve

Wix is a platform where you can build a website just by dragging and dropping, so it is not very difficult to learn how to use it. You won’t need any code knowledge or technical expertise.


Not Everything is Free

Wix has different plans that give you more features, but you have to pay for them. For example: If you want to have your domain name, you have to upgrade your plan and pay a monthly fee. For free, you will get a website named www.oseunegó

Wix advertising

Your website will have advertising at the top of the page with the message, “This website was developed with the website builder. Create your website today.”.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

A website built for free on Wix has some limitations, so it usually does not rank well on Google, which makes it difficult to find your company online. We know how important it is to make our business stand out from competitors, and when our website does not appear on the first pages of google, it limits our position and potential.

Professional Look

There is a risk that your website will not look professional. No platform can replicate all the years of experience and expertise of a web designer or a digital marketing agency.

Custom or Advanced Tools

Wix is more limited when it comes to significant changes. If you need to integrate a specific tool into your website or if you have a particular idea of how you want to reflect your business, with Wix, customizing your website can be difficult or impossible. In either case, you will need to hire a web developer to build a custom website.


The support given to these platforms can be inefficient. You can only have access to email and phone support if you pay for one of the premium plans.


You will have to invest your time in building a website for yourself. You will have to measure the opportunity cost, this is what you are losing while making your website.


When you choose to promote your business through this platform, your business can make a wrong first impression. Even after investing your time, because of all the cons named, the website can give the feeling that you don’t believe in your business or don’t care about your customers. They may see it as a lack of professionalism or effort. There are many details to consider in a professional website, not covered in these platforms. If you want a professional website that reflects your business and attracts customers, we recommend you consider investing in a web designer or a digital marketing agency.

“Two things remain unrecoverable: time and a first impression.”

– Cynthia Ozick –

Typically, a business owner chooses to use these platforms for two reasons: they don’t yet know the benefits of having a website, or they don’t have the budget for a fully customized website. If this is the case for you, check out the links below, they may be helpful to you.

Not convinced that your business needs to have a website? Check out our post: “7 Reasons why your business must have a website“.

Do you have a limited budget? Check out our post: “How to start your online business in less than three days with a low investment Meet our Ready to Use Websites.” Go to our store and see how it works.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level by buying a professional, properly built website? Contact us.

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